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Krys von Tornado ART
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Look! It's Krys!

Krys von Tornado

Krys von Tornado creates a new reality with her colors; better and more beautiful.
She speaks several languages and lived in several countries, and everywhere she lives, the neighbors comment: “There is no surface safe from Krys.”
When not standing in front of the easel, she paints murals on her walkway, driveway (one even half-mile long), huge pictures on the outside house walls, bathroom walls, stairways, mailboxes, sheds, fences, decks, cabinet shelves and such.
When asked where she preferred to live, she answers: “Wherever the neighbors didn't bother me with their music or loud TV.”
She finally found her silence in the house on a hill, surrounded by nature and protected by three well-trained German Shepherds.
She begins her day before sunrise, walking with the dogs through her own forest where she finds inspiration to paint even more beauty. Sometimes she drinks her first cup of tea sitting on a fallen tree.
Her weekly tea parties are known and appreciated wherever she lives. If you enjoy a cup of hot tea, just drop by – you will always be welcome!
Her favorite place to display her paintings is “Tamarack – the Best of West Virginia,” the representative WV gallery. The submitted work has to receive a strict jury approval which guarantees a high level of the exhibitions.
Krys von Tornado was not always an artist. She had studied psychology and gelotology (study of laughter) and made her living by writing and lecturing, neither of which made her as happy as painting.

    The artwork of Krys Von Tornado

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