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Monday, November 30 2020

It happened exactly 4 years ago on 30 November 2016, but it is still on my mind.

Warmed by Ice Cubes...

I had a dinner in great company at that day.

In the course of conversation, I said, more to myself than to anyone else, that I wished to have ice in my warm tonic water. But the waitress was nowhere to be seen.

A moment later, I noticed how one of the friends was shoveling ice cubes with a spoon from his own drink into mine. I felt touched.

Those were not just ice cubes going into the glass. It was a compassionate, generous heart splashing into the tonic.

Being a giver myself, I love noble and kindly spirits. At the same time, I don't understand stingy people. What prevents them from sharing? Lack of money is not an excuse. We don't need fat bank accounts for great gestures, for sharing ice cubes, for a smile, good words or "likes" and uplifting comments. Especially now, during this special time of year.

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Sunday, November 08 2020

I decided to take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy myself on the swing with a cup of tea and a book.             

 In ten seconds I had furry company. They surrounded me, pressing their noses against me, happy that I joined them outside.





When I turned to Belladonna and Miss Roxie asking them not to push, I saw Bandit just slurping away at my cup of tea. I couldn't keep from laughing.



I gave up on the tea and book and am just having fun with them. 


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