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Sunday, August 30 2020

Don't mess with West Virginia!
Not even with West Virginian dogs...

Together with my dog Belladonna, I recently visited friends out of state. It was a hot day, and we were siting on the deck. Several German shepherds kept us company until it became too warm. The sliding screen door blocked them from entering the house, but they had a special cool room downstairs, accessible through a dog door. When the other dogs left, Belladonna stayed. One of the friends teased me that since she is a WV dog, she doesn't know how to go through the dog door.

On the impulse to prove that my dog is no less smart than the others, I said: " Belladonna, go, find yourself a cool spot!"
She came out from under the table.

"Holy cow!" someone screamed out. "Look what she is doing!"
With her mouth, Belladonna opened the sliding door and entered the air-conditioned house.
The owner of the other dogs cleared his throat:
"My dogs can't do it, but I have a bad feeling that Belladonna will teach them that task very soon."

Well, that's what you get when you mess with West Virginia. 😀😀😀

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Sunday, August 23 2020

Another day at the lake and another dog story.

The captain anchored the boat in the open water to let the people and dogs swim around. After a while when all persons were on board, the captain started towards the dock that was approximately 300 yards away.

All German shepherds but mine strenuously followed the boat. Belladonna swam to the shore instead and disappeared in the woods.

That act caused comments like: “Poor WV shepherd, getting lost because of being afraid of swimming”... I anxiously proceeded to dock in order to run to the woods and search for my furry friend.





"Look!” screamed someone. On the dock, in a triumphant pose, was standing my dog and I could swear, she was smiling. Hey, Belladonna, I'm honored to be your mistress. :) :) 

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Wednesday, August 19 2020

I've learned a new lesson. What is the biggest danger when you go with your dog for a swim?

It is not the depth of a lake, not the sunburn, not even the Loch Ness Monster...  It is your dog that wants  

to swim as close as possible to the beloved master and as a result its claws cut the skin on your arms 

and back.

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